November 27th, 2017 by

Keeping your pet safe while driving long road trips is easier when you know the tricks. At Tulley BMW of Manchester, we understand that pets often feel more like family than animals and that with the winter holidays rapidly approaching, many of our friends in Manchester, NH will take Fido along for an adventure.

Be sure that you crate your pet, regardless of his size so that he feels secure and does not bounce all over the car or distract the driver while en route to your destination. Layer blankets in the crate and place a towel over the top for some shade and privacy. Keep a bowl inside the car with a bottle of water for pit stops so that your pet does not become dehydrated on the journey. Keep your pet’s tags up to date and secure the collar before you leave so he has it on at all times. Only leash your pet while inside the vehicle so he that cannot slip out a door or window and into trouble in the blink of an eye.

At our Manchester BMW dealership, we have several larger size vehicles that would give everyone, including pets, more room on these holiday road trips. Stop by and browse our SUV and large sedan inventory today!

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