Guide to BMW Warning Lights: What Do They Mean?

Photo presents car's speedometer or tachometer with visible information display - ignition warning lamp and brake system warning lamp, visible symbols of instrument cluster with warning lamps illuminated.

Whether you are driving a new BMW X5 SUV or you’ve had a BMW 3 Series sedan for a while, you’ll want to make sure you understand your BMW dash warning lights so that you know what to do when one of the symbols light up. Check out our guide to see which warning symbols require immediate attention, which ones will require you to bring your car in for further inspection, and which ones are too much cause for concern. Then visit your local authorized BMW service center at Tulley BMW of Manchester near Londonderry. We can get you back on the road exploring your favorite restaurants or heading to the nearby gym in no time.

BMW Dash Warning Lights: Meaning

BMW warning light symbols and what to do when they turn on in Bedford:

  • Empty or Low Fuel: When this symbol illuminates you have approximately 30 miles before you completely run out. Stop by your Londonderry gas station for a fill-up and driving too long with this light on could damage your fuel system.
  • Tire Pressure Monitor: If this light is triggered it means that one or more of your tires is underinflated. A yellow light means the tire pressure is down by about 10%, while a red light means the tire has deflated rapidly.
  • Oil Can: This symbol means your vehicle is due for an oil change. Chang your oil soon to avoid engine damage, and be sure you also change your oil filter at this point.
  • Light Bulb: If this symbol is lit then one or more external lights are out or experiencing an issue. If, after changing your bulbs, the light is still on, we suggest a visit to a service center.
  • Thermometer: Your engine is getting too hot and potentially overheating; this can be both dangerous and damaging to your engine. If you aren’t near a BMW service center, we recommend stopping your vehicle to let your engine cool down and then visiting us as soon as possible.
  • Engine: When this warning light flashes or stays on, you will want to have your vehicle serviced immediately as it means there is an issue with your engine or its components, and you don’t want more serious issues or have to jumpstart your car on the road.
  • Dynamic Stability Control: This light isn’t one to worry about as it simply means the traction control system has been engaged. Read more about it in your owner’s manual.
  • Service Vehicle: If this light is yellow, it means your BMW will be due for service soon. If you BMW becomes overdue for service the light will turn red.

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When your BMW warning light requires some professional inspection, schedule a service appointment with the certified technicians at Tulley BMW of Manchester near Auburn. You can even save on your next visit with our rotating service specials. If you have any additional questions about BMW maintenance, good mileage on a used vehicle, BMW warning lights, where to repair your BMW suspension, want to know the difference between a coupe and sedan, if a pre-owned BMW is right for you, or even about yoga studios in Concord, contact us today!

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