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The following items should be packed into your roadside emergency kit.

– Road flares or the orange safety triangles will help to keep the area safe while you are staying with your disabled vehicle.

– The roadside emergency kit should have a bag of tools of all sorts. Be sure to include scissors, a hammer, screwdriver, knife, pliers, wrench, and a socket set.

– Pack a roll of duct tape in the kit because it can be very helpful in making repairs.

– An empty gallon of gas and jumper cables are very useful because it will cut down on the need to find one on the side of the road. Basically, anyone can pull over to help.

– Pack a couple cans of tire fix-a-flat so you’ll be able to get those tires up off the rim.

You focus on building the roadside emergency kit and leave the inspection of your vehicle to our service team at Tulley BMW of Manchester.

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