February 28th, 2018 by

Most people do not pay any attention to the tires on their car until they experience a flat or blowout on the highway. Keep these things in mind to minimize the chances of you having serious tire issues on the road.

– Look at the side wall of each tire, they should be smooth without any issues. If you notice bulges or cracks, that is a weak part of the tire and it could be compromised when they are heated or traveling at a high rate of speed.

– Start looking at the tire tread more often. The tread should not have any serious cracks or major bare patches. If the tread appears to be separating away from the rest of the tire, get to a tire center sooner than later.

Bringing the car to our service center here at Tulley BMW of Manchester for a scheduled tire rotation is another way to limit the chances of a tire failure occurring.

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