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Does your car need an alignment? This process brings your vehicle’s suspension into an accurate alignment with your axles and wheels, creating a precise position and adjustment that ensures your car wheels are moving in the same direction as your axles. Mechanics use a variety of tools to ensure that your alignment is precise. In this process, your vehicle is also checked for worn parts that can be caused from a vehicle being out of alignment for too long.

Mechanics will typically square a vehicle’s wheels and axles with another so that they are all moving correctly. There are a few suspension angles that the mechanic must pay attention to during this process, including camber, caster, thrust, and toe. The mechanic will also test that your steering is centered as well.

You should receive a printout after an alignment that shows how far the car was out of alignment before the procedure. You can get a quick, precise alignment in our service center at Tulley BMW of Manchester located in Manchester, NH.

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