4 Settings To Defrost Your Windows Faster

January 8th, 2016 by

When you find your pre-owned BMW’s windshield covered in a layer of fog or frost, what is the best way to defog it? Using the window defroster for your car is key, but there are other steps you can take when wondering how to defrost car windows fast. Should you open your windows, or keep them sealed? Is hot air, or cold air better?

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober tested all the variables over ten days of controlled trials to come up with the best combination of defroster settings.

  • First, turn the front defogger on high. If your vehicle has a rear windshield defroster, turn that on as well.
  • Turn the fan on high. This maximizes the amount of drying air.
  • Turn the temperature on high. Warmer air holds more moisture and can dry the fog faster.
  • Turn the air conditioning on. This makes the fan act as a dehumidifier.
  • Turn off recirculated air. Outside air is dryer than your humid car on a cold day.

These settings should cut down the time you have to wait until your windows are clear. Remember not to drive when your windshield is frosted over, or you might just end up needing our collision repair center.

Window Defrosting Solutions

If you’re wondering how to defrost car windows quickly, and the steps listed above aren’t working as quickly as you’d like, try making a solution to clear the windshield in less than a minute. Mix 1/3 part water and 2/3 part isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. In the morning, spray this solution on your windshield and the ice should disappear instantly. If you’re looking for other ways to defrost your windshield, try other pre-made solutions at your local dealership or look into a portable defroster.

Learn More at Tulley BMW of Manchester

If you’re ready to learn more about how to defrost car windows fast or what other solutions are available to use, contact our service center. Our technicians can help fix the heat in your vehicle if that’s what’s causing the issue as well as help you pick the right window defroster to melt ice quickly. Contact Tulley BMW of Manchester today!

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