Open the Hood of the High-Performance BMW 7 Series Sedan

Why does the BMW 7 Series excel in performance? Just take a look at the vehicle's turbocharged powertrain.

The 7 Series M760i trim is driven by the 6.6 L M Performance TwinPower engine block. Consisting of a dozen cylinders in a V formation, this patented powertrain delivers a maximum of 601 horsepower. Two single-scroll turbochargers optimize combustion in this signature engine, which also runs on the Auto Start-Stop function. 

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BMW 2 Series: Why People Love this Small Car

Want to get a look at the new BMW series lineup? Why not check out the 2 Series first if you are on a budget but looking for a small car? There’s nothing cheap about this vehicle however. The 2 Series is one of the most highly rated in performance, interior, and safety. You get a lot for a much smaller price tag in this sports car. While it may be small, that really helps with fuel economy as well. 

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BMW Certified Pre-Owned: Luxury at the Right Price

BMWs are luxury vehicles with a reputation for excellence. Now, thanks to the BMW Certified Pre-Owned program, you don't have to be wealthy to own one.

Each BMW certified into the program is approved, reconditioned, and inspected by a qualified team of BMW trained program managers, service managers, and technicians to ensure it meets all of the safety and handling standards you deserve.

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Reasons the All-New BMW 6 Series is Turning Heads

In the market for a full-size luxury car that is stacked with countless useful features? You definitely want to take a closer look at the BMW 6 Series.

If the BMW 6 Series begins to drift out of a driving lane, the Lane Departure Warning feature will recognize the issue and send vibrations to the steering wheel to get the driver to take action. 

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A Quick Lesson in Car Waxing

When you get a new car, it's nice and shiny, but that shine will fade. Want to keep it looking new? Regular waxing helps. Here's a simple lesson in how to apply wax to your car.

Always start with a clean vehicle so that you don't wax over dirt and debris. Next, put wax on a cloth, preferably microfiber, and start working in small circles. 

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Car Guide 101: Alignments

Does your car need an alignment? This process brings your vehicle’s suspension into an accurate alignment with your axles and wheels, creating a precise position and adjustment that ensures your car wheels are moving in the same direction as your axles. Mechanics use a variety of tools to ensure that your alignment is precise. In this process, your vehicle is also checked for worn parts that can be caused from a vehicle being out of alignment for too long.

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Reasons the Car Tire Pressure Light is Illuminated

Here are a few reasons the tire pressure light in your car has been coming on.

One of the more common reasons the tire pressure light keeps illuminating in your car is because something may have pierced the tread and the air has slowly been leaking. It might not be that obvious, but a tiny sharp object could be hiding in plain sight inside the treads, increasing the likelihood of a tire blowout.

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Items Needed in Your Roadside Emergency Kit

The following items should be packed into your roadside emergency kit.

  • Road flares or the orange safety triangles will help to keep the area safe while you are staying with your disabled vehicle.
  • The roadside emergency kit should have a bag of tools of all sorts. Be sure to include scissors, a hammer, screwdriver, knife, pliers, wrench, and a socket set.
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Preventive Maintenance Keeps Your Cooling System Operating Efficiently

The cooling system has an essential role for your engine. It keeps the engine from overheating. The cooling system includes drive belts and radiator hoses. Unfortunately, those parts become dry-rotted. The belts can crack from the dry-rotting, which can cause them to break. The hoses can leak or even burst. Once the belts and hoses become deficient, there is a very high probability that your engine will overheat. 

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Gaskets are Important Automotive Components

Gasket components are designed for surfaces that need an enhanced level of security. These accessories can block gases, fluids, and liquids that are used around general automotive hardware. The materials that are used to make different gasket pieces vary; however, the coating on all products is strategically engineered so that intense temperatures and harsh chemicals can't cause severe damage.

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